Lions Recycle for Sight

Recycle your old, even broken eyewear

Lucan Lions Club is encouraging people to donate unwanted spectacles in several local shops, which are then recycled to third world countries and donated free of charge to people with poor eyesight who normally could not afford to purchase spectacles.  

All varieties, condition and sizes are very welcome – adults, children’s, sunglasses, damaged/broken – we can use them all.  No need to include glasses cases, as these are not required. 

It could improve a persons life in another country

Once collected, the spectacles are boxed & dispatched via DPD sponsorship to MEDICO LIONS CLUBS de FRANCE in Le Havre.  On arrival,  the spectacles are sorted & cleaned. Using  specialised equipment, the power of the lenses is measured for the new owner.

They are labelled and packed ready for shipment to a country in Africa, Asia, South America and Europe, to restore sight to lifeless eyes.

Lucan Lions Club Collection Points

Many thanks to all of you who have donated spectacles – Lucan Lions club has already  shipped over 3700 glasses for re-cycling in 2023 – well done to everyone! 

A small club with a huge heart

Lucan Lions Club

For many years, we have been meeting in Lucan Spa Hotel on the second Tuesday of the month – rain, hail or shine.  Covid-19 changed this and we missed our April meeting but then figured out virtual meeting technology.  Our first virtual meeting happened at 20:30 on 12thMay 2020, we stayed at home to meet up.

Lucan’s Spa Hotel where we meet every month

Even without a formal meeting in April, Lucan Lions Club was busy supporting local community activities.  We are lucky to be firmly embedded locally and available to the community when the need arises.  A request for assistance was received from Lucan Disability Action Group, an organisation we have supported in the past, to assist with the funding required to make their Buses safe for passengers and staff when transporting individuals to a local Covid-19 test centre. Funding was agreed by consensus through our WhatsApp Group.  Who knew the benefit of Social Media!

Lucan Disability Action Group provided services within our community

In the absence of the Annual Awards Night, we “virtually” agreed to assist local, national and international initiatives using funds raised at fundraising events held particularly in SuperValu, Lucan. We remain indebted for the support given by the Management & Staff there.

Some of the fabulous staff from Super Valu Lucan attending our 2019 Awards Night

Funds will support local initiatives  – Lucan Homeless Donations €500, Pieta House €1,000,  “Luca” Zone Project – €500, “Lions Hero Shield Project” – €1,000 and €500 to a  Project in India with a local connection.

We appreciate the great support consistently given to Lucan Lions Club by the community in Lucan.