Lions Recycle for Sight

Recycle your old, even broken eyewear

Lucan Lions Club is encouraging people to donate unwanted spectacles in several local shops, which are then recycled to third world countries and donated free of charge to people with poor eyesight who normally could not afford to purchase spectacles.  

All varieties, condition and sizes are very welcome – adults, children’s, sunglasses, damaged/broken – we can use them all.  No need to include glasses cases, as these are not required. 

It could improve a persons life in another country

Once collected, the spectacles are boxed & dispatched via DPD sponsorship to MEDICO LIONS CLUBS de FRANCE in Le Havre.  On arrival,  the spectacles are sorted & cleaned. Using  specialised equipment, the power of the lenses is measured for the new owner.

They are labelled and packed ready for shipment to a country in Africa, Asia, South America and Europe, to restore sight to lifeless eyes.

Lucan Lions Club Collection Points

Many thanks to all of you who have donated spectacles – Lucan Lions club has already  shipped over 3700 glasses for re-cycling in 2023 – well done to everyone! 

Lucan Lions Awards Night 2023

Lucan Lions Awards Night 2023

Lucan Lions Club raise funds for local charities during the year, the proceeds are the result of various events. Our annual awards night returned on May 11th in The Lucan Spa Hotel with much anticipation with our last awards night having taking place in 2019. 

Distributed on the night were the funds from our fundraising endeavours and in summary, we returned to Community organisations the funding raised in the Community. 

Present were representatives of the various charities and groups to accept cheques on behalf of their organisation with many local elected representative also in attendance including Emer Higgins T.D and South Dublin Councillors, Vicki CasserleyPaul Gogarty, Shane Moynihan, Derren Ó’Brádaigh, Liona O’Toole, Joanna Tuffy; Deputy Mayor SDCC

With a special mention for Derek Keating, our dear friend and supporter of Lucan Lions Club who recenly passed away, may he rest in peace.

Lucan Homeless 

Bernadette Fagan and Carol Rafter accepted the cheque on behalf of Lucan Homeless Donations.

It is a sign of the times we live in that the first recipient of a cheque for €1000 was a Homeless Charity. Here in Lucan, Bernadette Fagan has shown tremendous leadership in assisting the homeless in the Lucan area and its environs. She also helps out with two soup runs per week in the City Centre. This small organisation, based in Arthur Griffith Park, also helps out the people currently accommodated in Finnstown House Hotel and Leixlip House Hotel. A look at their Facebook page demonstrates the range of services they provide including food distribution, clothing, mattresses and they also source items for those being rehoused


Niamh and Seamus Clandillon accepted the cheque on behalf of Nagarhope

Nagarhope was set up by Lucan man Doc Clandillon in 2005 and has carried out substantial projects since then and in particular since the earthquake in 2015 .The main aim since the inception of Nagerhope was to construct and operate a childrens home in Nagarkot, The overall mission has evolved as the organisation has grown over the years and the focus now is on providing education for children in deprived communities in Nepal. This is delivered through Nagarhope Basic School and through education and health support programmes in other schools and in the community.

They also continue to have great support from the Lucan Community

Lucan 23rd Scouts 

Steven Caswell and scouts Senan and Ethan accepted the cheque on behalf of Lucan 23rdScouts.

Lucan is blessed with a number of Scout Troops and Lucan Lions Club has been in a position to assist them in various ways over the years. This year we are able to assist Lucan 23rd Scouts which are based on Chapel Hill. They are fundraising for a new roof and an upgrade for their Den. The Group has over 100 members and caters for groups aged 6-22 across Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers. 

Womens Collective Ireland – Lucan

Joanne Nolan accepted the cheque on behalf of WCI Lucan

Womens Collective Lucan are members of Womens Collective Ireland. WCI collaborate with local regional and national organisations to ensure that they are representing our local community by raising issues and concerns brought to them through evaluations and assessments.

The overall mission of WCI is to support grassroots women through collective and practical actions to achieve their full human rights and true equality. WCI Lucan work directly with women on the ground from marginalised groups to build womens confidence and self esteem through feminist community education. 

Ukraine Families -Lucan

Yulia accepted the cheque on behalf of Ukraine families

Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine , Lucan Lions Club has had a close association, including through the local Community Garda Paul and Bernie, with Ukraine families accommodated in the area.

The Club raised funding through Luke the Lion in SuperValu Lucan to distribute help and assistance at Christmas, We remain committed to assisting these families and are delighted to help them out again at our annual awards night


Vicky Casserley accepted the cheque on behalf of Barrettstown

Barretstown offers free, specially designed camps and programmes for children and their families living with a serious illness – supported behind the scenes by 24 hour on site medical and nursing care.

All of the children and families come to Barretstown free of charge. Everything, including accommodation, food and medical assistance are provided at no cost to the family.

Barretstown is recognised as a centre of excellence in childhood cancer care and other serious illnesses. Children are referred to Barretstown based on their medical needs.

Since it first opened in 1994, Barretstown has brought the magic of Barretstown to over 85,000 campers.

Divine Mercy Food Bank – Balgaddy 

Mary Gibbs accepted the cheque on behalf of the Food Bank

Again , this is a sign of the times we live in where our next recipient is the Food Bank which is based in Balgaddy in Lucan South. This well established Food Bank distributes food to the less well off in that Community. It was started by a local priest who observed some children going to school hungry. Food is distributed every Monday morning and is donated by parishioners. Lucan Lions Club is a regular contributer to the Food Bank particularly at Christmas through our Annual food appeal

Lauras Legacy 

Niamh Murray accepted the cheque

This is a fundraiser set up by the Ferris family in Lucan.

This family have been long time members of Lucan Special Olympics club, Paul is an athlete and his mum Dorothy is the current Chairperson.

Dorothy Ferris’s daughter Laura passed away in March this year after a battle with cancer.

In her honour, Laura’s husband Luke, his brothers and Laura’s sister Leonie will go to Nairobi, Kenya next year to build a baby home & school as a lasting legacy to Laura.

Leonie previously worked with the charity Kidogo (a charity set up by an NI lady) and the buildings will be run by this charity.

This is a new fundraising campaign to remember Laura and Lucan Lions Club is delighted to make a contribution to this fundraiser

Finding Charlies Voice 

Founder Evelyn Byrne accepted the cheque

A Lucan Mother Evelyn Byrne who was inspired by her own son’s Charlies diagnosis with verbal dyspraxia is helping to spread awareness for the condition and supports families of children that have been diagnosed with the condition. She does this through her organisation ‘Finding Charlie’s Voice’.

Verbal dyspraxia is a relatively rare life-long neurological speech disorder in which children have difficulty in making and co-ordinating the precise movements needed to produce clear speech with their mouths.

The Lucan based charity makes communication boards for children with speech difficulties and their use helps the wider school community become more inclusive. The group created these boards that allow children who have difficulty communicating verbally to express themselves in a variety of settings. 

The communication boards, which rely primarily on symbols and images, have proliferated across the country. This is done on a non-for-profit basis in the hope that children like Charlie can enjoy school and other settings to the same extent as their peers

Lucan Special Olympics Club

Special Olympics athletes Kate Tierney and Jimmy Kneafsey accepted the cheque on behalf of Lucan Special Olympics Club

This well established Group , now operating for 20 years was founded by a dedicated group of local Special Olympics Volunteers in the afternmath of the Special Olympics Worlds Games which took place in Ireland in 2003. It is the only Club of its nature in the area and aligns with the ethos of the international Special Olympics organisation. It specifically caters for people with learning difficulties. The Club has a fantastic and successful record of achievement in Irish Special Olympics folklore and the main sports are basketball, bocce, floorball and they also have a Junior Club.

There is a long standing strong partnership between Lucan Lions Club and Lucan Special Olympics Club

Lucan Lions Club President’s Awards 2023

Bernadette Fagan– In recognition of her outstanding contribution in helping the homeless in Lucan and the wider environs 

Laura ButlerIn recognition of her outstanding role as a liaison organiser in the charitable partnership between Lucan Lions Club and SuperValu Lucan

Lucan Special OlympicsTo commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Special Olympics in Lucan beginning with Lucan as a Host Town in 2003 World Games and in recognition of the close ongoing partnership between Lucan Special Olympics Club and Lucan Lions Club.

Declan & Paul collect the award on behalf of Lucan Special Olympics Club

District Governor-In grateful appreciation to the District Governor for his attendance and participation at the Lucan Lions Club Awards Night on 11 May 2023.

Lucan Lions Club membership at present is around 16 people, who give willingly of their time and talents to help others.
However, it is not all work as we also enjoy the social side of Lionism, both at local and District level.

Ray Barnes Lucan Lions Club Charter Member, In sincere appreciation and recognition of 35 years of distinguished service, loyalty and devotion to the objects and furtherance of Lionism

We meet on the second Tuesday of the month at 8pm at Lucan Spa Hotel.

Lucan and Lucan Lions Club Supported Ukraine

‘Luke the Lion’ and Lucan Lions Club would like to thank the community in Lucan for their generosity in “feeding” the Luke from March – December 2022 which supported the people of Ukraine

We asked and once again, you the people of the Lucan area listened. Lucan Lions Club with your assistance made a difference to the displaced Ukrainian people both here and in Ukraine.

“We Serve” is the motto of all Lions Clubs but we really could not do it without you or the invaluable support by SuperValu, Lucan.

In consultation with An Garda Síochána who were aware of Ukrainian families/people in the locality, Lucan Lions Club provided the following :

Penneys Vouchers and Leap Cards during the Summer. This gave the Ukrainians the opportunity to replenish clothes but equally as important, freedom to travel around the Dublin area.

Liffey Valley vouchers at Christmas time.

Thank you one and all for all the support you have given to us and for the money received through Luke the Lion. You have truly made a difference.

Support Your Local Community

Supporting Your Local Community

We are delighted to be once again partnering with SuperValu Lucan for Christmas 2020 fundraising to support our local community. We appreciate all the support given by you the people of Lucan and particularly David and all his staff for their consistent and generous support.

If you would like to donate €2 to the Lions club you can do so by selecting the €2 donate button at the Self Checkouts or at any till throughout the store!






We really appreciate your support and 100% of funds raised will be used to support locals in need!


A small club with a huge heart

Lucan Lions Club

For many years, we have been meeting in Lucan Spa Hotel on the second Tuesday of the month – rain, hail or shine.  Covid-19 changed this and we missed our April meeting but then figured out virtual meeting technology.  Our first virtual meeting happened at 20:30 on 12thMay 2020, we stayed at home to meet up.

Lucan’s Spa Hotel where we meet every month

Even without a formal meeting in April, Lucan Lions Club was busy supporting local community activities.  We are lucky to be firmly embedded locally and available to the community when the need arises.  A request for assistance was received from Lucan Disability Action Group, an organisation we have supported in the past, to assist with the funding required to make their Buses safe for passengers and staff when transporting individuals to a local Covid-19 test centre. Funding was agreed by consensus through our WhatsApp Group.  Who knew the benefit of Social Media!

Lucan Disability Action Group provided services within our community

In the absence of the Annual Awards Night, we “virtually” agreed to assist local, national and international initiatives using funds raised at fundraising events held particularly in SuperValu, Lucan. We remain indebted for the support given by the Management & Staff there.

Some of the fabulous staff from Super Valu Lucan attending our 2019 Awards Night

Funds will support local initiatives  – Lucan Homeless Donations €500, Pieta House €1,000,  “Luca” Zone Project – €500, “Lions Hero Shield Project” – €1,000 and €500 to a  Project in India with a local connection.

We appreciate the great support consistently given to Lucan Lions Club by the community in Lucan.

‘30 Years of Service’

Celebrating 30 Years of Service

The Lucan Lions Club Gourmet Dining Experience took place on Saturday 27th in Lucan Spa Hotel. Guest Chef Joe Shannon and his team cooked a beautiful meal for a sold out group of 210 friends of Lucan Lions Club. There were seven courses of the finest Irish produced food, served by a small army of staff.  Joe introduced each course before serving, and spoke with passion on how he prepared the ingredients. Guests were amazed by Joe’s humorous presentation and attention to food detail. Main course – 17 hour Slow Cooked Feather-Blade of Irish Beef, was outstanding.
Lions Club members both past and present were celebrating ‘30 years of Service’ in our community.  President Mattie McCabe welcomed all the guests, including many local election candidates, Senator Joan Freeman and Lions Club District Governor Frank O’Donoghue. Musical interlude was provided by Westside Performing Arts, Nicola Gainey.

Super Valu Lucan all smiles as Ian Lynam receives an award!

Also, many thanks to those who purchased tickets for the event.

Lucan Lions Club membership at present is around 16 men and women, who give willingly of their time and talents to help others.
However, it is not all work as we also enjoy the social side of Lionism, both at local and District level.

Joan Freeman from Pieta House

We meet on the second Tuesday of the month at 8.30pm at Lucan Spa Hotel.

Lucan Lions Club ’30 years of service’

Ireland AM Celebrity Chef Joe Shannon will be preparing a delicious Gourmet Dining Experience taking place on Saturday April 27th in The Lucan Spa Hotel. Tickets€45 from any Lucan Lions Club member.

 In April 1988, a group of twenty five people assembled at the Springfield Hotel, to discuss the formation of a new Lions Club. The meeting was hosted by Paddy Cotter of Maynooth/Kilcock Lions Club. People from a variety of backgrounds attended. I can recall sitting in a smoke filled resident’s lounge listening to Paddy talking about our community needs and social benefits of having a local Lions Club. There was a great response to his presentation. I signed-up while sipping tea with John McDonald and Barry Bowman.

A development plan to set up the Club was agreed. Jimmy Cox (BOI) was elected the first President of Lucan/Leixlip Lions Club. Bernard Hurley was selected as the club Secretary. Soon we were planning a Charter Dinner night. The dinner was hosted by Eoin Hickey, and it took place in the then newly opened Finnstown House Hotel.

People sometimes ask ‘what do Lions do’?  Our club Moto is ‘We Serve’.  In implementing this, we   arrange charity events, and fundraise for local worthy causes. We often team-up with local organizations to organize events aimed at achieving certain goals in the context of helping the wider community.

There are 110 Lions Clubs in Ireland, with over three thousand members. Each club member pays an annual membership fee to cover the insurance and administrative costs of the Club. We can say for certain, therefore, that all funds raised for charity goes back directly into our community.

Lions International celebrated their 100th birthday last year. They are the largest volunteer organization in the world.

Lucan Lions Club

A great deal has changed in the world since 1988! Notwithstanding this, Lucan Lions Club has maintained a constant positive presence in this community. Our ethos is to embrace those who seek our help. We strive to make a difference and improve the quality of life for those less well off in our community. Our record of accomplishment in Lucan over 30 years demonstrates the impact we have made through our own initiatives or working with other local charitable organisations.

We welcome visitors and new members to our meetings, which take place in Lucan Spa Hotel on the second Tuesday of each month at 8.30pm.

Ray Barnes PRO

Fundraising Table Quiz

Lucan Lions Club – Fundraising Table Quiz

In aid of

Irish Down Syndrome Sporting Organisation

In support of Team Ireland and Lucan team members

Maeve Phillips and Eoin Tully

Competing in the  World DS Swimming Championships in Truro, Nova Scotia in July 2018

Table Quiz in Kenny’s Lounge on Thursday 26th April 2018 at 8.30pm

Team of 4 – €40   – Quizmaster: Mattie McCabe

 Hope to see great support for our local DS swimmers and Team Ireland.

 Enquiries or donations to: Mattie McCabe 087 9006999 – email:

Easter at Lucan Lions Club

Many thanks to everyone who supported our Easter Raffle with Supervalu Lucan provided all the raffle prizes and thanks to manager Ian Lynam drew the following winners; 1/ Mark Guiden, 2/ Ray Hearney, 3/ Michael McCarthy 4/ Mary Allis 5/ Sharon Nolan.
Well done to Lucan Tidy Towns who organized a village clean up on Good Friday. Many volunteers with one goal, Keep Lucan Tidy!
Diary Date: A fundraising Table Quiz in aid of Irish Down Syndrome Sporting Organisation  will be hosted by Lucan Lions Club in Kenny’s back lounge on Thursday 26th April at 8.30 pm.   Quizmaster Mattie McCabe.
Our next club meeting will be in Lucan Spa Hotel on Tuesday April 10th at 8.30pm. Visitors welcome.

Mattie McCabe presenting a cheque for €3852

Lucan Lions Club in association with Lucan’s Westside Performing Arts recently held their annual sponsored sleepover to raise funds and awareness for the Peter McVerry Trust. The event was held in Lucan’s Church of Ireland Parish Centre with 100 Westside Students  camping in for the night.

Once again, the fundraising target was exceeded and pictured above is Lucan Lions Club President Mattie McCabe presenting a cheque for €3852 to Peter McVerry who was recently visiting Lucan’s St Mary’s Parish Centre for the Justice and Peace – Lenten Talk about Families in Homelessness.